My Best To All of You!

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas…..or any of the plethora of phrases we all exchange during this season…… My Best to All of You! Christmas is always a double edged sword for me. Mary’s favorite time was always Christmas… and she died on Dec. 18. Gosh, it’s ten years ago now, so hard to believe. I’m gearing up for a bunch of shows in the New Year and I’m truly excited about what is, essentially, a brand new band. I have discovered an amazing fiddle/mandolin player, Salvator Garza and I’m getting back together with my old friend Matt Margucci. Matt and I haven’t played together for over 10 years, but I have to tell you, I always felt my band was best and our sound the most unique when Matt was with us. He plays muted coronet… yeah, yeah… I know, a muted coronet in a folk band? But it works! It gives us a more swingy, jazzy, bluesy sound. And the amazing thing is he can play along with my acoustic guitar – truly remarkable. He also plays other instruments too: accordion, harmonica, flute….. he’s amazing, so I hope you’ll try to get out to see us when we play in your area.

Also, I’m gearing up for my ninth trip to Ireland, and it is truly the trip of a lifetime. We are going to Cork, Kerry and Clare in the south and west of Ireland. Each evening we go hear top-top Irish musicians, or they come play privately for us. I limit my group to 22… I don’t want a bigger bus, otherwise we couldn’t get down some of those narrow Irish paths they call roads! Actually, I only have two slots left for my  2017 tour… either one couple or two singles. Occasionally people need to cancel, so w do keep a waiting list. I’m also taking the love of my life, my granddaughter Catherine, with me again this year. She will have just turned 16.

Last – I’m contemplating writing a new book. It’s in the early thinking-about-it stage and I’m pondering a new CD to show off my new/old players. 2017 is going to be a busy year!!!

All the best to you in the New Year!

PS. I also did a TV movie with Willie Nelson and I got to sing one of my songs in the movie! It should be out in the spring.  Here’s a sneak listen.

  1. Silver City Ronny Cox 3:35


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