Movies and Books and Songs, Oh My!

Hello friends! This newsletter is actually being written by Ronny’s manager, Barb. Ronny didn’t want to miss getting some news out……….some big news! He is currently in New Orleans filming a TV movie with none other than Willie Nelson, and he will be singing one of his own songs in the movie. The song is Silver City, which is on his CD Cowboy Savant – there’s a link to it at the end of this newsletter. He’ll be doing a more up tempo version of the tune in the movie, and he’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s scheduled to screen. He is thrilled to be on location in the Big Easy!

You may have noticed on his professional Facebook page that we have started to put some bits of movie trivia up. Even though many folks know of his acting career, there are lots of really interesting hidden facts that will be featured from time to time. Not only is Ronny an accomplished actor and singer/songwriter, he is also an author. His book “Dueling Banjos: The Deliverance of Drew” was published in 2012 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the release of his first movie, Deliverance. It is a fascinating read that takes you behind the scenes of the film and the ride he experienced during his first time in front of a camera. The book is also available in an audio edition, available at live shows. Ronny will be in Harbor Springs, Michigan, at Lamb’s Retreat for songwriters November 10 – 13.

Ronny also wants to remind everyone that he leads a tour of beautiful Ireland every summer, and there are only a few seats left on his 2017 tour! Next year’s dates are July 28 – August 6, and will go to Counties Cork, Kerry and Clare. His tour always sells out, and there are always a few disappointed folks who waited too long……… so if you think you might want to go, now is the time to speak up! You can find all the information about the Ireland tour on his website as well. It’s the trip of a lifetime!

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful autumn, enjoying some music and making plans!

*And here’s a little note from Ronny: “Yeah……….what she said!”