Trumped by Ronny Cox and Eric Schwartz

Recorded by Ted Wulfers at 663 Sound, Los Angeles, CA

Ronny Cox – Guitar and Vocals
Eric Schwartz – Guitar, Shaker and Vocals
Ted Wulfers – Bass, Dobro, Tambourine and Vocals

Jagger the Cat – Vibe

Video Shot by Ted Wulfers and Eric Schwartz
Editing by Eric Schwartz

I was down in Laredo, eating a burrito
Wasn’t making a fuss
In comes a man with a badge in his hand
Throws me on a border bound bus
There was a hundred of us (Bien venido a Mexico)
Fingerprinted and dumped

Well, let me tell you what, the sun was really hot
It was beating down hard
My skin was turning red, I threw a towel on my head
I tried to talk to the guard
He said, “Hello, Ahmed”…. (Allah no akbar here, boy”
Picked up his shotgun and pumped
…….. Trumped

He said he’d make us great again
He said he’d keep us safe
And I bought it…………..,Just like you did
Now I’m crawling’ through the cacti
Confronted with the fact I
Could have been so f*cking stupid

A coyote named Gustavo led me to the Rio Bravo
I swam to the U S of A
Waiting on the bank, vigilantes in a tank
(said) ” Buenos Dias, Jose… ”
“You’re gonna build us a wall… a hundred feet tall.
(you’re gonna pay for it too)
They cracked there whip and I jumped

Bamboozled and bumped…. Hornswoggled and humped
Totally…… Titanically…….. TRUMPED