“In Hollywood, they say it takes smart actors to play stupid characters, and nice guys to play nasty villains. Cox is the poster-boy for the latter point. He played slithery corporate snakes in “RoboCop” and “Total Recall;” but as a singer-songwriter, he is a study in easygoing amiability and unforced charisma. He charms crowds with self-teasing humor, tart progressive insight, and a lulling Southwestern folk sound. His repertoire is a smart mix of witty ditties, bluesy swing tunes, heart-on-sleeve romances, and real-life anthems (‘It’s a cry in the night/ It’s a whispered prayer/ That gets you from here to there’).”
– Scott Alarik, The Boston Globe

He’s the greatest. A superb performer on stage, he knows how to win an audience… a true entertainer … also very nice off-stage, dedicated and dependable.”
– Rich Warren, WFMT, Chicago

“I know what you’re thinking – another Hollywood actor who thinks he can sing. Well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised… A talented performer who deserves a listen.”
– Country Fever

“Ronny Cox is not an Actor that got a notion to become a singer, he is however, a singer-songwriter who just happens to have had great success as an actor.”
– Country Sounds

” …good music, great stories laced with humor, and a personal connection with the audience….extremely gracious…highly recommend…”
– Fermilab Arts & Lectures Series

” …an infectious sense of humor..first rate musicianship, and wonderful sense of storytelling (that) clearly defines performance art….”
– Alan Korolenko, New Bedford Summerfest

“Cox’s personal approach seemed to strike a chord with the audience and he was warmly received.”
– LA Times

“The concert was superb, among the best I have attended… engages the audience in a way that takes them back
and speaks to their own experiences.”
– Sacramento Mountains Historical Museum

” …Focused, thoughtful songwriting which could only come straight from the heart.”
– Cash Box

“So-o-o-o-o excellent. Resonant hearty singing. stirring production. Swirling melody. Brilliantly evocative.”
– Robert K. Oermann, Music Row