Bus To Baltimore

I live in the San Fernando Valley in California… Sherman Oaks.   Basically one of the ordinary suburbs of Los Angeles.  One day I was in my yard doing some chores and I noticed a lady on the sidewalk in front of my house.  She must’ve been in her mid-eighties and she was very primly dressed… little hat, white gloves, pocketbook over her wrist, lace collar on her ancient dress.  She was standing near a sign and would occasionally peer down the street.  I’m pretty sure she thought she was standing at a bus stop.  The top of the sign she was clinging to was obscured by leaves and branches from a nearby tree, but I happen to know the sign says…. “No Standing Here”.  She was becoming more and more agitated as the morning traffic trickled by, so I walked out to the fence and asked if I could be of help.  She turned to me and smiled and said…”Yes, young man…. (I love it when they call ME young man)… yes… is this where I catch the bus to Baltimore?”   I think she thought Baltimore was just a couple of stops down the road.  I really didn’t have a clue as to how to deal with her… as I was about to ask if I could perhaps take her somewhere of call someone… a younger woman approached us and said… “Mama… I’ve been looking all over for you”.  The younger woman apologized if her mother had bothered me… I assured her that she had not and asked if I could do anything… She said, “No… now come on Mama, let’s go home.

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  1. Bus To Baltimore Ronny Cox 4:12


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