Back to the Drawing Board

Ah… the life of a folksinger.. I don’t act much any more, but occasionally something comes along that appeals to me.  Recently, I was sent a script for a “big” Hollywood movie… big name director, lot’s of major actors… well written, and the role they were interested in me for was perfect, an important but small role… would only work for four days.   I met with them and they offered me the job.  We checked their shooting schedule and it fell perfectly into my schedule and did not conflict with any of my gigs.  Wardrobe fittings were arranged… (my character is an extremely wealthy guy and I’m kinda hard to fit, so…) they had a tailor come in and they arranged to have my shirts for the role custom made.  Holy crap… I’m gonna look like a million bucks!!

Now… cut to the chase… yesterday I got a frantic call from my manager saying they had changed the shooting schedule and that now the days I’m scheduled to work on the movie happen to fall when I’m performing at Kerrville and in Houston.  They’re saying I have to cancel my gigs… I refuse… their solution is to offer me more money… I refuse… they heatedly ask:  “How much are they paying you?”  I say, “I’ve probably got more money in my pocket.”  …… I’m back to being a folksinger.